I DON'T NEED A JOB, I NEED GOOD GOVERNMENT

I am a Republican, but an Urban Republican, who sees daily the failings of liberal policies. 

Yet, this is a great and wonderful time and place to be alive.  What country would activists choose to emigrate to for a better life?  We must work within the system, which is a very good system, to continue improving the lives of all Americans.

With no hope for a peaceful resolution with the King of England, the American Colonists wrote the Declaration of Independence.  After a second effort came the Constitution of the United States, a document based on the writings and experiences of ancient Greeks and contemporary political philosophers, and later modified by seventeen amendments.  If anything can preserve America, it is by electing politician’s faithful to the Constitution and its Amendments, written and yet to be written.

The voters voting serially and unthinkingly for DFL or Progressive candidates who pay only lip service to matters of race and injustice is a very serious problem.   Liberal policy has enfeebled people, preventing them from becoming invested in America.  Socialist-oriented job killing ordinances diminish opportunity for white, black, brown people - all people.  Poverty, extreme poverty, is a killer.  Nothing stops a bullet like a job.

The expectations of young people, Gen X'ers, Millennials, and Gen Z'ers, are diminished by Progressives who build and incentivize bicycles, mass transit. and high density housing.   DFL policies serve mostly the bureaucracy that impoverishes the taxpayer.  Do you realize property taxes have increased three-fold in twenty years?  Few have seen their salary triple in the same period, and in fact household income has declined in adjusted dollars.

 Reactionary, sometimes knee jerk, responses to Police errors and will not solve the Police problem.  By tearing apart the only organization that will come to your aid when you yourself are in distress will not serve you well.  Demagogue politicians who think firing Chief Harteau will make quantum differences obviously has not observed the differences made by the firing of the last six Chief's of Police.  Just the same, lets give Medaria Arradondo our full support.  Citywide crime is up.


The current projected cost of the Southwest LRT Greenline is a fundamentally unworkable $145 BILLION, and if there were a real need for such a transit line it is up Broadway Ave through Crystal and Robbinsdale and ending in Brooklyn Center.

The Bottineau Southwest LRT will only serve government elites and high income private sector executives living in the SW suburbs, while the taxpayer, as usual, will be left footing the bill for another DFL boondoggle.

The Twin Cities congestion standing is 17th in the nation, up from 35th.  The era of the automobile is not over yet, this is poor government policy promoted by the Met Council. 

While there is always a need for a political body that can make unpopular decisions, the Metropolitan Council has is abusively overreached its authority by inappropriate social engineering.


In fifteen years annual property taxes on single family homes has increased by a factor of three or more, and much more on multi-housing rental.  It would seem the so-called “ECONOMIC ENGINE” is not downtown Minneapolis, but the PROPERTY TAX PAYER, whether a homeowner or a renter.

The role of government should be limited to insuring safety of the population, dealing with foreign powers, and guaranteeing property rights (and by extension human rights).

Millennials and Gen "Z'ers" are paying more attention to how we are using their credit cards!  It is the young people of today who will be paying back the exorbitant spending of today! 


Everyone has a sense of their personal security and an awareness of their vulnerabilities.  Police are and will remain first responders in accidents, emergencies, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks should they occur.  It is DIABOLICAL to unequivocally characterize Police as racist, unaccountable, or capable of only brutality or murder. 

The two recent Police shootings were a tragedies of epic proportion.  Provocateurs who inflame populist scrutiny of Police use of force events will cause the public to be underserved or worse.  We cannot allow the role of Police or the Courts to be detracted in the greater picture of public safety.  Who else are you going to call in an emergency?

Copyright Bruce for City Council